Monday, 31 August 2015


In Room 2 for our art we have been creating Zentangle artwork. Zentangle is when you get a shape and do lots of patterns including Floor, floor 2, tipple, crescent moon, and  static . In our class there have been creating Dolphins, horses, gorillas, whales, sheep, cats, elephants, owls, giraffes, wolves and deer. We had a choice of  background colours including bright green pink blue yellow and purple. I chose blue because it is a sea animal.
Here is mine. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Our Geometric Patterns

For our maths we have been Geometric Patterns  {6 pointed stars}. We have created out own Geometric Patterns using diagonals.
We used Protractors, rulers,large paper circle,Pencil  and  colouring pencils {Optional}
We used diagonals and straight lines. First we found the ,middle of the circle and made a dot.Then we found 60  and 120 degrees on our protractor and ruled it from the middle out to the edge of the circle.  We did the same of the other side. Next we did the diagonals of each point and ruled them out  Then after you have done that all you do is colour it in.
I have 5 lines coming out of each point.
Mine turned out like this.