Thursday, 28 May 2015

My writing

In room 2 we have been doing quick writes  inspired by  photos that Mrs Cameron  chose for us. this is my story of what had happened before the photo was taken. 

This is mine ...... I hope you enjoy.



I hear the waves crashing against the wood. The seagulls squawking above me, warning me of the storm brewing. looking down in the Gray-green Auckland water I see my reflection staring at me. I freeze. Hesitate. Frozen in my tracks.

I see all of my friends , there are about seven or eight of them here,  jeering and laughing at me. And I am regretting taking the dare. Feeling like a caged monkey I look at that sea green water makes my tummy feel like it is doing the Olympics. I looked at my friends, and found they were already staring at me.
For a second I considered saying no to the dare but then I would look like a coward. No. I can do it.

Now with no fear, I climb the wall.  As I leap the world seems to go in slow motion, for a second I believe I am free, before gravity pulls me down and just as I hit the water I hear my friends laughter.Then it hits me.The freezing liquid. I gasp. I Swallow the salty water.I need to come up, I can’t hold my breath for much longer, and just before I think I am going to pass out, I break through the surface.

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