Thursday, 28 May 2015

Paul/Bobs Diary

I am now the proud mum of a baby boy named Paul / Bob today is the first day of his life he has 2 new friends Keshia and Abigail and their mums are my best friends Bella and Emelia. He is very shy and quiet. 1432693719134.1.jpg
 over night my egg went to the supermarket and dropped on the ground but it survived with a crack
this is my sister holding him
It also it rolled off but I caught it  so it had a good first day.
Yay he is still alive. last night we went to badminton and got baby sitted by grandma michelle and grandad callum
and grandma michelle pulled the worst prank  so grandma michelle put me in a bag and so after 1 hour badminton finished and grandma michelle took me out the gag gave me to grandad callum and smashed the bag on the vending machine. I was very scared
HE DIED a girl in room 3 smashed him

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