Friday, 3 July 2015


For our inquiry we have been learning about soil and Alkaline and Acid we did a test we got 2 jars labelled   jar 1 and  jar 2 in them you put 1 table spoon of Soil and half a cup of water in each one. In jar one we put vinegar and in jar two we put baking soda and we shook them both up if jar 1 fizzes and bubbles  then it is Alkaline if jar 2 does then it is Acid.

For our inquiry we had to find some flowers, herbs or vegetables on The website Yates and find out more about them. I chose Lupin's and Alyssum's. This is  my plan of my garden where I am going to plant my flowers. I found out that Lupins like to be kept in part sun, they grow in late summer, the sow is 12 mm and germination is 10-14 days and the plant space is 30-40 cm. Alyssum's Grow all year long the germination is 10-14 days The sow is 2 mm and the plant space is 7-10 cm