Friday, 6 November 2015

Designed to sell food product

In Room 2, We have started a new inquiry, Designed to sell food product. Me and Summer decided to make biscuits, we  Also decided to split the work of making 2 different biscuits together so she made M&M cookies and I made chocolate. We had to figure out what: packaging, what labelling and what we need. Next we had to advertise it  with posters, videos or flyers. Next we had to actually make our product and sell it.  Here are some photos of Me and  Summer at market day.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Character Vignette

In room 2 we have been concentrating on our quick writes. A quick write is when Mrs Cameron gives us a photo of someone doing something and we have to think about what happened before and after this photo was taken.this is the photo Mrs Cameron gave us   
And here is my story
I could hear dad's breathing  from down the hall. This is my chance. As quietly as I could, I snuck down the stairs towards the door. Creeeaak!  “No!” I gingerly lifted my foot and  moved on, skipping that step. This is my chance. I tiptoed to the door and slowly opened it.

I stepped outside into the cold crisp air, the frost gathering in the late autumn air.  I saw the sun just advancing over the horizon, the rays of sun shining on my face. I could hear dad stirring in bed. “Damn.” I forgot Dad was an early riser.

Vaulting over the fence, I managed to catch my foot on the slender wire and came tumbling down face first.I stood up and examined myself. Just a little cut on my knee. No big deal.

I saw the cars zooming past at rapid speed, causing a mini tornado of leaves. “Yes.” My favourite car , the red and blue one, was coming first closely followed by the blue and yellow one. “One more lap,” the announcer called out over the loudspeakers.
Someone was coming. I could hear them moving towards me. I turned around and saw dad standing behind me with his hands on his hips and  a stern look on his face. I took a big gulp. This won’t end well.

Dad took me by the hand and led me home. Dad rarely gets mad but when he does he is scary. He gets all red and yells until he loses his voice. When I was little I cried every time I thought of that face. He said he wasn’t mad at me, he was disappointed and that was worse.  
I was sent to go to my room and think about it. It was meant to be a punishment, but I liked it. It gave me a chance to play my video games. After a while, I remembered this was  supposed to be  a punishment. I went down stairs and  did this big apology thing until dad got sick of it and forgave me.

I always get get my way.


In room 2 for our new inquiry we have been concentrating on designed to sell. We had to design and make a pizza for pippi's and I chose to do a pudding Pizza {slice}.  When it was  done it looked like this . 

 Then we made adverts and put it on voki  

Monday, 31 August 2015


In Room 2 for our art we have been creating Zentangle artwork. Zentangle is when you get a shape and do lots of patterns including Floor, floor 2, tipple, crescent moon, and  static . In our class there have been creating Dolphins, horses, gorillas, whales, sheep, cats, elephants, owls, giraffes, wolves and deer. We had a choice of  background colours including bright green pink blue yellow and purple. I chose blue because it is a sea animal.
Here is mine. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Our Geometric Patterns

For our maths we have been Geometric Patterns  {6 pointed stars}. We have created out own Geometric Patterns using diagonals.
We used Protractors, rulers,large paper circle,Pencil  and  colouring pencils {Optional}
We used diagonals and straight lines. First we found the ,middle of the circle and made a dot.Then we found 60  and 120 degrees on our protractor and ruled it from the middle out to the edge of the circle.  We did the same of the other side. Next we did the diagonals of each point and ruled them out  Then after you have done that all you do is colour it in.
I have 5 lines coming out of each point.
Mine turned out like this.

Friday, 3 July 2015


For our inquiry we have been learning about soil and Alkaline and Acid we did a test we got 2 jars labelled   jar 1 and  jar 2 in them you put 1 table spoon of Soil and half a cup of water in each one. In jar one we put vinegar and in jar two we put baking soda and we shook them both up if jar 1 fizzes and bubbles  then it is Alkaline if jar 2 does then it is Acid.

For our inquiry we had to find some flowers, herbs or vegetables on The website Yates and find out more about them. I chose Lupin's and Alyssum's. This is  my plan of my garden where I am going to plant my flowers. I found out that Lupins like to be kept in part sun, they grow in late summer, the sow is 12 mm and germination is 10-14 days and the plant space is 30-40 cm. Alyssum's Grow all year long the germination is 10-14 days The sow is 2 mm and the plant space is 7-10 cm