Friday, 23 May 2014

shiuld rats be pets

                           should rats be pets?  

1.they can be friendly and playful       
 2.they are larger than mice
3.they bond with their owners
4.they are fun to play with
5.they are easy to train
6.they are fun to watch
7.they live for 3-5 years
8.they are cheap to bye and vet bills are cheap
9.they are easy to take care of
10.they are easily treated.
11.they are nocturnal.
12.they are clean.
13.they are smart
14.they do tricks
15.they don't usually bite
16.they are gentle with little kids
17.they eat left overs
18.they are cuddly  
19 they are cute
20.they take care of the sick young and injured in there group
  21.they have good memories  

Friday, 9 May 2014

Point of View Chart
IALT: Use what I have learn’t from reading an article to explore and infer  the different points of view.

Person 1:
Shelly bridgeman,when she was little she did the death  drop and risked cracking her head open.She thinks the parents today are to over protectiv.

Person 2:
parents,its to risy and dangeros to play games like,death drop,tackle bullrush,and rugby.worry to much about the chilldrens safty.why are the kids sad?

Person 3:
they could get very seriosly hurt and hurt.and its is hard to take care of them since they started playing tackel
bullrush and death drop and rugby

Person 4:
chilldren,its fun and we have never hurt our selfs.